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How Important Are Diamond Certificates?

A diamond certificate or Diamond Grading Report is important in purchasing a diamond. This is issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The certificate is based on the four criteria, namely, cut, color, clarity and carat.

You do not need to worry about the dealer giving you false sales talk as the certificate will clearly tell the quality of a diamond. The certificate is also for a price, but it usually costs low and it is worth to pay for it, as it will help you in getting a good quality diamond.

If you intend to buy and sell diamond of high quality, it is a good idea to keep its certificate because your prospective buyer will require for it. If you plan to insure your diamond, the company will require you to give them a copy of the Diamond Grading Report.

This is an absolute proof of the value of visit – https://lambangthat100.com/   the diamond in case it would be stolen. The report is unquestionable and even insurance companies cannot question its credibility.

The certificate will give you enough confidence that you plan to purchase, as this will prevent overpricing and undercharging of the diamond. It tells the seller and buyer what this precious stone is worth.

Never buy a diamond from a dealer who does not want to provide a certificate or sellers who discourages you from buying the certificate. Some sellers would tell you that the certificate would only add to the cost. Do not be easily convinced with such statements or else you might be getting a low quality diamond.

Make sure that the certificate was issued by the GIA and not by any other gemological laboratories. Nowadays, fly-by-night labs are rampant and chances are you would be getting fake documentation if it were not issued by GIA.

Aside from the fact that it is the oldest gemological lab, the GIA is the most trusted and respectable lab. So do not buy diamonds whose certificate did not come from them.

Always remember that a diamond is expensive and is quite a big investment. You do not want to invest a big amount of money on something that you are not sure of its worth and quality. With a Diamond Grading Report from GIA, you are assured that you are getting a diamond worth the price.

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