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Secrets For Dating Women – You Will Be Surprised

That title made you click, eh?

Secrets for dating women.

All right, here you go.

There are NONE.

A lot of the internet dating stuff I see portrays women as idiots for all intents and purposes. กลุมลับ

“Tilt your head at 37.5 degrees and lower your voice.38 octaves while you tell her the joke and she will melt in your arms.”

That, of course is an extreme example, but you get my meaning. Some of these internet dating sites make it seem as if the only way to get her is to trick her. It all sounds good, like someone “cracked the code” of dating women but in the real world, resorting to tricks will get you a lot of rejection.

Here is the deal. You have to pass her physical attraction test initially. No, you do not have to be a Greek God but you do have to have something that appeals to her.

From there you need to be light and funny as you are a mystery and challenge to her.

How do you do all that?

Do not talk about your disappointment about not getting your promotion. Do not talk about failures in past relationships. Do not talk about how angry you are at the guy who cut you off this morning. You are going to let her do most of the talking and when you do open your trap, you are going to make sure that it is either light or funny.

Also, do not give her any personal information about you. Let her discover you over time

Beyond all that you are going to wait 5-9 days to call her between dates and you will not have contact with her in the meantime. We want her to WONDER about us when we are not with her. Again, it is mystery and challenge.

Remember guys, there are no “secrets,” because it is all about you finding a good woman that is physically attracted to you and making her laugh as you get to know her SLOWLY.

Jeff M. Stevens learned about dating women and relationships from Doc Love, the man that has appeared on FOX News and in Time Magazine for his unique take on dating women and relationships from a man’s perspective. Find out more about Doc Love’s Dating Women System [http://www.datingwomenexpert.com] by clicking now!

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