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There are many question that comes to your mind when one thinks of SEO, In this article I am trying to answer few of those question. If you any question you can ask me at [email protected]

1.) How can I use Robot file; can you give us an example of it?

Ans:- I believe you talking about robots.txt. It’s a file in the main/root directory of a website which informs the crawler/search engine spiders where they are allowed to go, i.e which all pages in the website they should crawl.

A basic structure of robot.txt file is:

User-agent: *


You can disallow folders or files by putting this into the file:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /foldername/filename or /foldername

Official guidelines is to keep the number of links per page below 100.

2.) How can I find out how many people have searched for my keywords?

A: There are number of tools available on Internet, but the one that is free and very good is overture, Google for “Overture keyword Toll” and you will find it. The Search Term This Tool will show you number of searches per month on Overture’s network.

3.) What are SERPs?

A: Search Engine Result Pages

4.) What does term “ALGO” implies?

A: An ‘Algo’ is an abbreviation of ‘Algorithm’. (Mathematical formula or calculation that Google uses in order to rank the websites.) SEO FAQ

5.) Should I use Google’s Site Map? An example.
A: Every site should have a sitemap of some sort. It provides a way for visitors to navigate your website. Google for “sitemap” and you’ll find nice examples, although it would be advisable to follow Google’s

6.)My page is in Top 5 in Yahoo, but not in the top 1,000 in Google. Why is it so?

A. Yahoo and Google use two different algorithms to come up with their SERPs – Yahoo favors on- page optimization such as H1 tags, keyword density, etc whereas Google favors off page with good quality inbound links. If you have put more efforts on page then you will rank higher on Yahoo and vice versa.

7.) How can I find out where I rank on google/yahoo?

A: There are two websites that can help you to find the answer to you question, these are:
a) http://www.googlerankings.com for Google

b) [http://www.yahoosearchrankings.com] for Yahoo.
(This is for single keywords)
If you are looking to track multiple keywords over time then the best (and free) tool is Digital Points Keyword Monitor at http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/keywords
(Mind you this is only for Google)

8.) What is Hidden Text?

A: Text that is visible to the search engine spiders/crawlers but not to people who visit your website. Hidden text is primarily used to add extra keywords in the page without actually adding content to a site which may consist of images. Most of the search engines penalize websites which use hidden text to increase keyword density.

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